• LAN Party: A LAN party is a gathering of computer enthusiasts who connect their computers to a Local Area Network (LAN) in their free time, which connects the computers together.
  • Essentials: Each visitor to the LAN party brings their own computer with monitor or a laptop and other accessories; a network cable to connect the computer to the network is also part of the basic equipment.
  • Duration: LAN parties often last a weekend, but shorter and longer ones exist. They originated in the 1990s when networking equipment became affordable for consumers.
  • Main Activities: The main activity at a LAN party is playing computer games with two or more people, made possible by the network that connects the computers. Sometimes this is done in an organized form, such as a competition with prizes to be won.

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We organize a LAN Party 4 times a year, subject to change, in the first weekend of February, May, August, and November.
For more information, please contact us.